Utah's mormon-uni.
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CC BY-NC-SA unfortunately.
Upload is actually optional, and it appears that teachers do retain their copyright: ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/global/MIT_OpenCourseWare_FAQs.pdf Hmmm, so how have they convinced so many teachers to do it?
Made huge advances in radar.
Notably, Isidor Isaac Rabi was a leading figure there, and later he was head at the Columbia University laboratory that carried out the crucial Lamb-Retherford experiment and the anomalous magnetic dipole moment of the electron published at the Magnetic Moment of the Electron by Kusch and Foley (1948) using related techniques.
math.mit.edu/classes/18.783, Wow, good slides! Well organized site! This is a good professor! And brutal course. 25 lectures, and lecture one ends in BSD Conjecture!
Not to be confused with the University of Michigan. Not confusing at all right!
The "Truth and Beauty" motto hugely coincides with Ciro Santilli's ideas.
Truth is easier somewhat as it is more subjective.
Beauty, like all arts, sometimes you achieve, sometimes you don't.
Searcing beauty is a painful thing. You just keep endlessly looking for that one new insight that will blow your mind.
The key missing point would be "usefulness". See also: Section "Art".
The other major university in the Bay Area (and basically in California itself) besides a few University of California places.
The heart of Silicon Valley.
Ciro Santilli really likes this dude, because Ciro really likes simulation.
Video 1. How to build a computer model of a cell by Markus Covert (2020) Source.
The closest site of the University of California to San Francisco. Berkeley, California is a small town on the East of the San Francisco Bay.
The second one of the University of California after UC Berkeley.
The third one of the University of California after UC Berkeley and UCLA.
Lecture videos: podcast.ucsd.edu/ Mostly paywalled, but a few not.
Not to be confused with the Michigan State University. Not confusing at all right!