www.tritoncycles.co.uk/urban-bikes-c4/hybrid-c30/trek-fx-3-equipped-urban-bike-2021-p39860/s102315 XL color Dnister Black. £675.00 plus £35.00 delivery. Disc breaks, 2x9 gears. Bought 2023 on a bit of a sale.
Specs upon buying:
Weight after bought measured differentially on bathroom scale: 13.5 kg
Gears: 11-36T on back, 46-30T on front. So min speed is 30/36 = 0.83 and max is 46/11 = 4.18. Compared to Kross which was 11-32 on back vs 48-28 on front, so min 28/32 = 0.875 and max 48/11 = 4.36. So the ranges are very comparable! This confirms Ciro's suspicion that 3 speeds on cranckset is just useless.
I was sized just at the lower limit of XL, but decided to go for it. The seatpost goes all the way into the tube, which is a good thing, might help with noises?
Frame serial under bottom bracket: WTU173C0374S. Registered at: www.bikeregister.com/
Initial impressions:
Initial equipment:
I'm unable to place a U-lock carrier on this bike in a way that doesn't block one of the two bottles inside frame, or hits leg on if on side. Tried both Kryptonite and Abus ones I have lying around. Shame. Also the Topeak MTS Trunkbag does not fit well on the pannier rack, it is not wide enough to strap: 11cm outer width, 9cm inner width, same geometry as that of the Liv bike.
2023-05: buying another pair of Shimano 324 combination pedals for it: www.wiggle.com/p/shimano-m324-combination-pedals
2023-05: rebuying another Topeak Aero Wedge saddle bag for this new bike
2023-05: 2x Elite custom race cage water bottle frame cages, felt great, much better than those on the Kross! www.elite-it.com/en/products/bottle-cages/fibre-reinforced-material-frp/custom-race
2023-05: ParkTool TR1 tyre levers + GP-2 super patch kit
2023-05: Kask Rapido Medium Black/Yellow fluo helmet, got a more racy helmet too! 69 pounds, way more any previous helmet I've owned: www.kask.com/en/cycling/helmets/rapido_24_2.htm
2023-05: Lezyne hand pump, I think Sport Drive HP? ride.lezyne.com/collections/hand-pumps/products/sport-drive-hp

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