One of the most nerve wrecking movies ever made. Until they decide to rescue their colleague from jail, then it just becomes too surreal.
Good theory of Jesus.
List of similar feeling films: 11 Underrated Hard Sci-fi Movies by Marvelous Videos (2021)
There is only a very fine difference between a very good film, and the best films of all time. Perhaps it is something to do on how epic the subject matter is? It is often very hard to tell, and switches between the categories are also possible.
Has the best opening scene of all time.
Top quotes:
There's nothing like seeing the hypocrisy of the "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" people destroyed.
Interesting how Algeria now supports China's Xinjiang policy in 2019. But of course, dictatorships tend to work together
Ciro Santilli's father, an avid history reader, and in particular interested in the military dictatorship in Brazil through which he lived, once told Ciro how the French torture doctrine was directly adopted by Brazillian military, e.g. then even invited general Paul Aussaresses who had served in Algeria, to help them out with intelligence operations and give courses. Bro, fuck that.
Respect, big respect to those people.
Video 1. The Cult of the Criterion Collection by The Royal Ocean Film Society (2020) Source. One American culture thing this clarified to Ciro Santilli is that they are known for is being part of the 50% off sale at Barnes & Noble.