Video 1.
The Biggest Ideas in the Universe | 11. Renormalization by Sean Carroll (2020)
. Source. Gives a very quick and high level overview of renormalization. It is not enough to satisfy Ciro Santilli as usual for other Sean Carroll videos, but it goes some way. by Iain Stewart. Basically starts by explaining how quantum field theory is so generic that it is hard to get any numerical results out of it :-)
But in particular, we want to describe those subtheories in a way that we can reach arbitrary precision of the full theory if desired.
  • Unsolved: Yang-Mills existence and mass gap by J Knudsen (2019). Gives 10 key points, but the truly hard ones are too quick. He knows the thing though.
Video 1.
Yang-Mills 1 by David Metzler (2011)
. Source.
A bit disappointing, too high level, with very few nuggests that are not Googleable withing 5 minutes.
Video 2.
Millennium Prize Problem: Yang Mills Theory by David Gross (2018)
. Source. 2 hour talk at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. Too mathematical, 2021 Ciro can't make much out of it.
Video 3.
Lorenzo Sadun on the "Yang-Mills and Mass Gap" Millennium problem
. Source. Unknown year. He almost gets there, he's good. Just needed to be a little bit deeper.

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