Video 1.
Replicating the Fizeau Apparatus by AlphaPhoenix (2018)
. Source. Modern reconstruction with a laser and digital camera.
Video 2.
Visualizing video at the speed of light - one trillion frames per second by MIT (2011)
. Source. Fast cameras. OK, this takes it to the next level.
It is so mind blowing that people believed in this theory. How can you think that, when you turn on a lamp and then you see? Obviously, the lamp must be emitting something!!!
Then comes along this epic 2002 paper: "Fundamentally misunderstanding visual perception. Adults' belief in visual emissions". TODO review methods...
In special relativity, it is impossible to travel faster than light.
One argument of why, is that if you could travel faster than light, then you could send a message to a point in Spacetime that is spacelike-separated from the present. But then since the target is spacelike separated, there exists a inertial frame of reference in which that event happens before the present, which would be hard to make sense of.
Even worse, it would be possible to travel back in time:
Figure 1.
Spacetime diagram illustrating how faster-than-light travel implies time travel
. Legend an explanation are shown in this answer.

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