On the coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco, closer to Los Angeles. Home of UCSB.
It is quite comical that two separate towns were founded one next to the other right in the middle of nowhere. And that both have so slightly weird names.
Video 1.
How To Talk Minnesotan by PBS (1993)
. Source.
Video 1.
This is why we moved here by Syd and Macky (2022)
. Source.
Video 1.
I Can’t Rescue This Toyota 4Runner! Matt's Off Road Recovery (2022)
. Source.
Utah is beautiful! For some reason, Ciro Santilli started to really enjoy watching this channel.
In its essence, it is basically a Monster of the Week show, but instead of monsters they fight to remove cars from mud. There's also perhaps a cowboy feel to it.
Other attractions include:
  • the beauty of Utah. What an amazing state!!! Very desertic.
  • a band of recurring superheroes, with unique personalities
  • mini story archs, referring to previous episodes, e.g.
    • the sick dude who keeps getting stuck
    • the day they moved a large rock and the rangers asked them to put it back

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