God, Ciro Santilli respects this guy.
Watching www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SbZZPX-y9g in 2022, who was one of his inspirations, made Ciro miss his guitar so much... one day, maybe, one day.
Video 1. Bulerias by Camaron de La Isla and Paco de Lucía. Source. TODO date and location.
Video 2. Rondeña by Camaron de La Isla and Paco de Lucía. Source. TODO date and location
  • Page One by Joe Henderson (1963)
Ciro Santilli's favorite musical genre.
Ciro's 2020 perfect Friday evening: jazz fusion + study quantum field theory on an Amazon Kindle. Ahhhhhh.
Scientology music! So good.
Good ones:
Video 1. I Talk To The Wind by King Crimson. Source.
Not in other sections:
I.O.U, Road Games, and Metal Fatigue are also extremely worth it, they are so good that even the singing does not spoil them. s2 forever Allan.
There is of course no need to talk much more about the Jazz God, this one line of mandatory tribute is enough.
Pop music cannot be good by definition: any art that appeals to the masses (Popular!) has to be a boring watered down version of everything, and therefore boring shit. Just like the movies: high budget movies are shit.
Until maybe one day we can actually get a decent education for everyone.
K-pop is even more evil than pop music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdOA5BCwBi0 Confessions Of A Former K-pop Idol (ft. Crayon Pop) by Asian Boss (2019)
Video 1. Space Oddity by David Bowie (1969) Source.
Video 2. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin (1971) Source.
  • Are you experienced. OMG that album...
The Portuguese term for it is "Música popular brasileira". The widely recognized Brazilian acronym is "MPB".
"Brazilian pop" and "Br-pop" are inventions by Ciro Santilli, which are how Ciro thinks Brazil should market it to the world.
Unfortunatey "B-pop" is too ambiguous with British pop music, and should be avoided.
Within the The Holy Trinity of popular Brazilian music, Caetano has the most New Age religious feel to him. He is also perhaps the most varied of the trinity however, also covering heavier topics at times.
Within the The Holy Trinity of popular Brazilian music, Chico tends to approach the more down to Earth and heavy topics.
Gilberto is definitely the most psychedelic one of the The Holy Trinity of popular Brazilian music, though he also has a boyish quality to his soul.
Mostly interpreter of songs written by others. But she's just too amazing, many of her interpretations are better than the original.
God, even Ciro Santilli is slightly shocked by her death, which happened before he was born, can you imagine it at the time? She was MPB's golden girl...
Video 1. Atrás da Porta performed by Elis Regina. Source. Composed by Francis Hime and Chico Buarque.
Video 2. Águas de março performed by Elis Regina. Source. From the 1972 eponymous album. Composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim.
Capoeira music is amazing. And some Brazilian pop adaptations of it have also been awesome.
Video 1. Parabolicamará. Source. By Gilberto Gil. Title track of the 1991 album.
Video 2. Triste Bahia by Caetano Veloso. Source.
Video 3. Na Roda de Capoeira by Nara Leão. Source. From the 1964 album "Opinião De Nara"
This incredibly foul mouthed band was incredibly funny.
Ciro Santilli was a bit young to understand the songs at the time, but the older boys were singing them, and he sang along. So maybe there is a nostalgia factor in play.
But it can't be just that. They are just too funny and brutal, even when Ciro re-listens to it as of 2020.
Many Brazilian religious cranks in were really happy when their plane crashed and killed all of them in 1996.
Best songs:
  • Pelados Em Santos (1995). Not too amazing, they only try to be funny by making fun of the North-Eastern accent of Brazil, which is considered somewhat funny in São Paulo, and they fail at being funny.
    But it talks about Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, Ciro's idolized city, so let's hear it. They didn't live in Santos apparently, but being from São Paulo City, they would have been familiar with that popular local beach location.
Video 1. Rorogwela by Afunakwa (1970) Source. Later used as a vocal sample in the Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest (1992), which notably featured in Where the hell is Matt (2006), an early YouTube viral video. The original destroys the Deep Forest version however.
Country at: China.

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