Knock knock.
Video 1. Missileers by BBC (2000) Source.
Documentary about American ICBM crews working on the Francis. E. Warren Air Force Base. Wiki mentions that there are 3 main sites in the USA, and suggests all/most of them are in the Great Plains area. They operate a Minuteman system, which as of 2021 is the only nuclear ICBM system in the USA.
Good documentary, shows well the day-to-day life of the operator, including outside of the work site.
Video 2. Logistics support management by USAF. Source. Shows logistic operations behind the American ICBM system of the time. Reuploaded to showcase the IBM 705 system used to track parts, notably the usage of a punch cards.
Ah, the choice of name, both grim and slightly funny, Dr. Strangelove comes to mind quite strongly.
Ciro Santilli's jaw dropped when he learned about this concept. A Small Talent for War, are you sure?

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