Knock knock.
Video 1.
Missileers by BBC (2000)
. Source.
Documentary about American ICBM crews working on the Francis. E. Warren Air Force Base. Wiki mentions that there are 3 main sites in the USA, and suggests all/most of them are in the Great Plains area. They operate a Minuteman system, which as of 2021 is the only nuclear ICBM system in the USA.
Good documentary, shows well the day-to-day life of the operator, including outside of the work site.
Video 2.
Logistics support management by USAF
. Source. Shows logistic operations behind the American ICBM system of the time. Reuploaded to showcase the IBM 705 system used to track parts, notably the usage of a punch cards.
Ah, the choice of name, both grim and slightly funny, Dr. Strangelove comes to mind quite strongly.
Ciro Santilli's jaw dropped when he learned about this concept. A Small Talent for War, are you sure?

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