Video 1.
Historic, unique Manhattan Project footage from Los Alamos by Los Alamos National Lab
. Source.
Mostly the daily life part of things, but very good, includes subtitles explaining the people and places shown.
Marked with identifier "LA-UR 11-4449".
The first human-made nuclear chain reaction.
Video 1.
Getting funding for the Chicago Pile Edward Teller interview by Web of Stories (1996)
. Source.
Video 2.
German graphite from The Genius Behind the Bomb (1992)
. Source. Graphite was expensive because it had to be boron-free, since boron absorbs neutrons. But a boron process was the main way to make graphite. This type of pure graphite is known as nuclear graphite.
The lab that made Chicago Pile-1, located in the University of Chicago. Metallurgical in this context basically as in "working with the metals uranium and plutonium".
Given their experience, they also designed the important X-10 Graphite Reactor and the B Reactor which were built in other locations.
Its plutonium was produced at Hanford site.
Video 1.
Trinity Test Preparations by AtomicHeritage (2016)
. Source. Appears to be a compilation of several videos, presumably each with their own separate LA-UR, though these are not noted. Credited: "Video courtesy of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Archives", TODO how to search that archive online?
Video 2.
Trinity: Getting The Job Done
. Source. Good video, clarifies several interesting technical points:

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