The minimalism, serverlessness/lack of temporary caches/lack of permission management, Hipp's religious obsession with efficiency, the use of their own pure Fossil version control[ref]. Wait, scrap that last one. Pure beauty!
Official Git mirror:
Create a table
sqlite3 db.sqlite3 "
CREATE TABLE 'IntegerNames' (int0 INT, char0 CHAR(16));
INSERT INTO 'IntegerNames' (int0, char0) VALUES (2, 'two'), (3, 'three'), (5, 'five'), (7, 'seven');
List tables:
sqlite3 db.sqlite3 '.tables'
Show schema of a table:
sqlite3 db.sqlite3 '.schema IntegerNames'
outputs the query that would generate that table:
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS 'IntegerNames' (int0 INT, char0 CHAR(16));
Show all data in a table:
sqlite3 db.sqlite3 'SELECT * FROM IntegerNames'
Sample usage in the test program: sqlite/
____ The default isolation level for SQLite is SERIALIZABLE ____
It does not appear possible to achieve the other two levels besides SERIALIZABLE and READ UNCOMMITED
Includes its own copy of sqlite3, you don't use the system one, which is good to ensure compatibility. The version is shown at: SQLite source is tracked compressed in-tree: horrendous. This explains why it takes forever to clone that repository. People who don't believe in git submodules, there's even an official Git mirror at:
It appears to spawn its own threads via its C extension (since JavaScript is single threaded and and SQLite is not server-based), which allows for parallel queries using multiple threads:
Hello world example: nodejs/node-sqlite3/index.js.
As of 2021, this had slumped back a bit, as maintainers got tired. Unmerged pull requests started piling more, and better-sqlite3 Node.js package started pulling ahead a little.
As claimed on their README, their operation truly appears to be 10x faster than the node-sqlite package!! It is insane!! How can that other package still exist at all?
The only big problem was the lack of ORM, but people are looking into that by adding it to Sequelize:

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